Ariisto Codename Big Boom Mulund

Ariisto Codename Big Boom ApartmentAriisto Group is launching it’s initial and the greatest techno and luxurious real estate project in this century. This will be one of the most desirable and long waited projects which the Mumbaikars were waiting for long. Ariisto is launching this project in Mulund which is a very developed suburb of Mumbai and it is a happening suburb so to say. The residents of Mulund or may be some of them might shift from south Mumbai to Mulund as they can acquire stunning technical and luxurious apartment at a price which is beyond imagination in South Mumbai or other suburbs which are close to the Mumbai city.  Ariisto Codename Big Boom is the name of the project and it is offering 2BHK and 3BHK apartments in Mulund at a price which ranges from 1.5 crores to 10 crores. In this price, it will be impossible for anyone to own any luxurious residential in Mumbai and Ariisto group is making it possible for the Mumbaikars.

Ariisto Codename Big Boom Location

Ariisto Celestia Codename Big Boom is a project which is at located in Mulund, the foothills of Yogi Hills. The place is one of the most developed suburbs of Mumbai, very green neighboring places and the awesome connection with the entire Mumbai with a local train, Mumbai metro, buses and other transportation.

Ariisto Codename Big Boom offers a very higher premium which amounts to 15% and the rental is actually higher up to 25% which is much higher than the present rates which are persisting in the market. The project is a gain for both the end-users (people residing) and the investors.  It is the best time for Real estate market in Mumbai because of the lowest interest rate as per Real Estate Regulatory Authority.

Ariisto Codename Big Boom is:

  • Pioneering RERA registered block-bluster project
  • The one and only peaceful project at the foothills of Yogi Hills in Mulund.
  • Restricted to 2/3 BHK techno-luxury project with all luxurious amenities.
  • Price starts at 1.35 crores.
  • Booking price – 10% of the total price and then at convenient installment till possession.
  • Attractive financing choices.
  • Booking time is very limited which ranges from 16th August 2017- 3rd September 2017.


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