Raj Dwarka Dahisar the perfect destination for luxury living in mumbai!

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Raj Dwarka Dahisar is one such well recognised real estate project which is the perfect statement of fine living. With advanced expertise and deep rooted traditions this property is being built in mumbai. Mumbai is surely the city of dreams, and this project will prove this statement. It is a perfect combition of exquisite fine living. The facilities and the exclusive offers given are really satisfying. Affordable living in mumbai is often a myth, but this entity has changed this. Yes in Mumbai, you get affordable luxury living. With prior on time booking this can be your home.

Location that will enhance your life

Dahisar in mumbai is an ideal location for nature and peace lovers. Thr location is surrounded by beautiful gardens, greenery, orchards, the dahisar river and beautiful clean lakes. Such a location is admired hugely, hence this location is chosen for Raj Dwarka Dahisar. Dahisar on the other hand is very easily accessible. The presence of proper roadway and highways help in easy transportation. The roads are clean , wider, dmoother and with wide pedestrain sidwalks. The presence of the western highway can help you reach every corner or part of mumbai city. No location or address will seem difficult to travel. During the very peak hours the traffic here is smooth due to the accessibility and proper roads. Travelling to work or leisure, you will reach on time.

Delightful amenities

Amenities here will provide you a delightful stay. You will feel less urge to travel to different places to experience entertainment and various necessities. If you have high fitness goals then you are at the right place. With professionally equipped gymnasium, yoga deck and aerobic centres you will surely stay updated. If you are a sports lover then the sports aspect will keep you engaged. Volleyball, badminton, cricket, football, golf and swimmings facilities are available for you. Raj Dwarka Dahisar East  will provide you with air conditioned banquet, barbeque area and community halls to support and enhance your special days. The apartments here are built with the best quality materials and latest technology system. Superior quality and branded equipments and fittings are used here. Kitchen here is a modular one with highly designed and spacious toilets. The rooms are very well spaced with enough space to let in air and proper sunlight.

Raj dwarka dahisar provides healthy living conditions. You will experience quality staying here with no scope of complaints.

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